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Time to take the next step in your career?

Register your CV in order to take the next step towards a new job within logistics, industry and production, or economy, technology, market and sales.

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White collar

Are you ready for new challenges? Take the next step in your career with us at Speed! We cooperate with many leading and reputable companies and offers exciting possibilities within finance, technology, marketing, sales, HR and administration. Register your CV and apply today!

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Blue collar

Looking for a job within warehousing, logistics, production, industrial or electronic production? Welcome to join us at Speed! We are an ALMEGA authorized staffing agency, which gives you a security of high-quality and professionalism. Register your CV and apply today!

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Are you a student or have another main occupation of at least 50%? Then, you can work with us on Speed! In addition to an extra income you will get the opportunity to fill your resumé with valuable work experience and make contacts for the future. Register your CV and apply today!

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We offer flexibility in terms of tailored logistics solutions for the customer's unique needs. A solution that meets the requirements of fast, changing, adaptive and unique customer solutions at all levels.

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Flexible staffing & accurate recruitment

As our customer, you can focus on your core business; we ensure that you are always correctly staffed and are able to recruit the best employees.

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Cutting-edge expertise in electronics manufacturing

Based on our clients' requirements and needs we can offer cutting-edge expertise in electronics manufacturing, where quality, proximity and flexibility are a natural part of what we deliver.

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We offer flexibility in terms of tailored logistics solutions for the customer's unique needs. Everything from a storage shelf in short term, to take full responsibility for both inventory and logistics management long term. Our storage properties are mostly Bonded Warehousing (duty free warehouse). We can also provide customs and forwarding services.

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Staffing and Recruitment

In a rapidly changing market, it is important to balance your business efficiently. We focus on competence-development and sustainability, and are proud to be part of building the workforce of tomorrow. As our client, you can focus on your core business; while we make sure you always have the right staff and the most competent co-workers.

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Quality, proximity, and flexibility are important parameters when businesses decide to manufacture in Sweden. All these three parameters are a natural part of what we deliver. We share our cutting-edge expertise in electronics manufacturing based on our clients' requirements. We ensure long-term flexibility and on time deliveries .

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Education based on your needs

We offer inspirational educations within most fields. We offer standard educations as well as educations tailored to specific needs. We offer educations within forklift, safty, first aid, soldering and ledarship and business development.

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Education within forklift and security

Do you need forklift license? We have the education! We offer training in handeling a forklift safely, both for those who are completely new to the field and for those who need to renew their permission. We also offer education in security; fall prevension, work in hot conditions and first aid.

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Educations within production

Our educations within Electronics and soldering give you the theoretical and practical experience needed to work in a eletronic production with soldering, PCB rework, modification and repair.We offer standard educations as well as educations tailored to specific needs. We develop our own staff to meet the skills requirements now and for the future.

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Education within leadership

Good leadership is a key factor for success, regardless of the size of the Company. We offer inspirational education programs, with practical advice, to leaders who will develop themselves, their employees and their business. Of course, we adapt the training more relevant to the needs of the group and level. We also offer flexible education solutions within Lean and and Six Sigma.

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