This is Speed.

Speed manages complex logistics- and personnel challenges. Everything we do is centred around one simple philosophy: We take care of it. We have never been purely a logistics or staffing company. Instead, we offer an integrated version of both. For us, it is all about planning, leading, and implementing workflows. As quickly, effectively, and sustainably as possible. Whether it is regarding warehousing, logistics, staffing, recruiting, or training. In addition, we are working towards being CO2 neutral by 2025. Undertaking the largest solar panel installation in the Nordics on the roof of our warehouse is as obvious to us as offering customer-specific solutions.

Top quality logistics solutions.

We solve your logistics. Whether you need a little extra storage space during peaks or help with the entire logistics chain – from inbound to shipments, and everything in between. We are a 3PL provider that also offers 4PL. With over 200.000 m2 of storage space and a high degree of automation, we can solve most things!

Long- and short-term staffing solutions.

We take care of your staffing needs – both for shorter peaks and permanent solutions. We are one of Sweden’s largest staffing companies and our experience becomes your reassurance. We become the elastic band of your organisation! If you need new recruits, we help you match the right candidate with your needs, who both has what it takes and matches your work culture. If there are knowledge gaps among your employees, we take care of that too. We offer both standard training programs and customer-specific arrangements.

Latest Speed news.

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Causes close to our heart.

There are organisations and initiatives we are happy to support. That share our values and protects people or the environment.

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Speed Management & Board.

Both Speed’s management and board is comprised of people with different competences and experiences, who secures our way forward. Jesper Andersson is our CEO.

We are part of Ratos.

Since 2015, Speed is part of the listed company Ratos. A reinforcement for us as a company. And for you as an employee and customer.