Flexibility in volume and business activities

In a rapidly changing world, we see a growing need for cost-efficient and flexible solutions. This is why Speed Group offers a business model where we can balance our clients' business activities by providing both warehouse, logistics, staffing and recruitment services.

Our unique offer as a long-term partner is that we can use our business concept to balance our business. Staff not presently outsourced are employed in our warehouse, or participate in our educations to develop their competence. This way, we can always offer our clients services and personnel representing Speed’s core values: creativity, competence, and commitment.

Our clients understand the value of a partner offering everything from a short-term warehouse shelf to taking on full responsibility for logistics, staffing, and recruitment. They see the benefit of having the same staff as last production peak, and return to us again and again. Others balance their logistics through short-term or long-term outsourcing, and choose us as the partner with the best competence in third party logistics. Many also choose us as the recruitment partner for specialist functions and higher positions in the business sector.

We are ready for the future

Small e-commerce companies that did not exist yesterday will need a 5,000m2 warehouse with high-tech logistics tomorrow. A growing retail and e-commerce sector will maintain the demand for new logistics facilities. Rapid changes in the market require the ability to change production quickly, either by finding new staff or through outsourcing. Recruiting the best competence for manufacturing or service providers. This is the market we have in mind when we provide the best customized solution for electronics manufacturing, staffing, and logistics.