Causes close to our hearts.

It's of great importance for us, to give back to the society and our world.

Some things are a litle extra important to us.

For us at Speed, it is important to give back to our community and environment. It is a responsibility we carry as a large employer with the goal of being a sustainable company, a responsibility we are more than happy to undertake. One way in which we do this it to engage ourselves in important community initiatives and to support organisations who hold the same values as us and are a little extra close to our hearts.

VI-SKOGEN plants trees helping people out of powerty.

We are a proud supporters toVi-Skogen, an organisation that, in addition to planting trees, also spreads knowledge to people in East Africa about how to grow in the best possible way. The trees become superheroes, because the method of planting trees together with crops solves two issues at the same time: reduced poverty and better climate. This year, we have chosen to give our customers a real superhero Christmas present. We plant trees. Specifically 2,000. Our 2,000 trees bind the equivalent of approx. 50 tonnes of CO2 per year. While they also do good in other ways.

Destination Gymnasiet mends broken grades and provides hope for the future.

Destination Gymnasiet (“Destination High School”) is an initiative striving to ensure that all youths in Borås City pass ninth grade. As one of the largest employers in Sjuhärad, Speed is proud to contribute to the movement, both through sponsorship and engagement in the board of directors.

Every young person who leaves primary school without passing grades is a lost opportunity. A future that closes. And every time it happens, it is a big failure for the individual, for us as an employer and above all for the society we live and work in. Destination Gymnasiet is the organisation that fixes broken grades and helps young people to a brighter future.


Plastic in the oceans is one of the greatest climate challenges of our time and affects over 700 marine species, while it also affects us humans through the food we eat. The Dutchman Boyan Slat was only 18 years old when he founded Ocean Cleanup in 2013, a non-profit organisation that develops technologies that they then use to clean our oceans. The goal is to put themselves out of business – when the job is done, the organisation is not needed. Speed supports the important work of Ocean Cleanup.


The entrepreneurial spirit has permeated Speed ever since its founding in 2004. In Borås, there is a high school education that is completely unique – the Entrepreneurship program. It is a specialized education that creates the competence we are absolutely dependent on. Therefore, Speed is a proud member of the Entrepreneurship Program’s friends.

Agape - a cause close to our heart


At Speed, we have decided to try to help people get to jobs, when a job means so much more than just work. In 2015, many unaccompanied refugees came to Sweden from Afghanistan. Together with the aid organisation Agape Borås, we make sure to help young people into working life and hopefully to a permanent job, which is absolutely crucial for their future.

Sports organisations we support - a cause of our heart

Sports Organisations

We believe in physical activities for a better life. We sponsor various local sports clubs. Here’s a selection. Borås Basket Borås GIF Elfsborg Tennis Sjuhärads Basket Simklubben SK Elfsborg