Management & Board.

Our management team and board consists of people with different backgrounds, perspectives, and competences.

Management Team

  • Mats Johnson, CEO
  • Anders Bröms, Business Area Manager Logistics West
  • Ann Nilsson, Business Area Manager Staffing & Recruiting
  • Björn Tallén, Business Area Manager Logistics East
  • Camilla Parneving, Communication & Marketing Manager
  • Erik Irwing, Business Area Manager Large Accounts
  • Fredik Krysén, Business Area Manager Transport Management
  • Johan Appelkvist, Business Development Manager.
  • Per Jonasson, CFO.

Board of Directors

  • Christian Johansson Gebauer, Chariman
  • Jacob Landén, Board member
  • Jan Krepp, Board member
  • Jarl Ternander, Board member
  • Daniel Johansson, Deputy board member