Creativity, competence, commitment

Our core values define everything we do: when meeting clients, in advertisements, at work, when interacting with each other, and those we sponsor. It is important for us that everyone who works at Speed understands the core values and their meaning in our everyday life, both to strengthen Speed and make our work more rewarding.


We see what others do not

We took over the logistics for one of our clients and discovered that a few minor changes would save a lot of time and money. It confirmed our ambition of always improving. Some say creativity requires skills, motivation, and methods for change. At Speed, we have all three.


We think before we act

The foundation for our success is that we know what we are doing. We always check again to find the best solution. Our clients should be able to relax, knowing that we have the expertise and experience to meet their needs and that we will create a profitable business for both parties. We aim to exceed expectations.


We are driven by the will to succeed

Everything we do is rooted in a strong commitment. We contribute to a better and more rewarding work environment, as well as successful businesses and a better society. The key is to care for both people and the environment. That means not only our coworkers but also our clients and candidates.