Sustainable development with the human being in focus

Speed Group's social, ecological and economic dimensions, are essential business tools and central to our corporate culture. Our core values creativity, competence, and commitment permeates our sustainability work.

Competent coworkers are the foundation of what we offer. It also forms the heart of our sustainability. We build our inclusive corporate culture on inspiring leadership, increased equality and diversity, as well as real opportunities for competence development, where employees can safely engage in the client’s and our own business. Creating a physically and psychosocially healthy workplace is crucial for sustainable development. Good business ethics are prerequisites for profitable long-term partnerships.

Society, education, and healthcare for children and youth are important for the development of a modern Swedish industry. Therefore, we commit to joint ventures with schools, universities, municipalities and the business sector (more under Social Involvement). We support internships, student visits, assist with theses and summer jobs.

An environmentally friendly business

We promote sustainable development. Our main environmental impact comes from buildings, energy use, and non-recyclable waste. We strive to reduce our energy consumption and to define the environmental classification of our buildings. We buy green electricity and monitor energy usage to spot energy leaks. Fractioning helps us continuously decrease landfill.

Social involvement – an inspiring driving force

An important part of Speed’s corporate culture and sustainability work is our social commitment in the education for children and young people. To have a calm, safe and enriching education is a basic prerequisite for our democracy and a society where there is room for everybody.

Our commitment is a way to give back to the society. An enriching education also vouches for competent future co-workers at Speed. Not to mention that it adds to our internal pride and a sense of meaningfulness. Something we are convinced our clients also benefit from.  

Destination high school

Support for a private initiative in Borås, offering homework assistance to ninth-graders at risk of failing their exams.