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We welcome Nicklas Wall to Speed Group

On 1 November, we welcome Nicklas Wall to Speed Group, who goes into the role as business area manager at Speed Logistics, Styckegodsgatan in Gothenburg, Sweden. Nicklas has extensive experience with his more than twenty years in the logistics industry. He has in recent years been responsible for the warehousing system, including plant, on Varner, who now has one of the most modern and automated facilities.

The recruitment of Nicklas with his experience, above all of automated logistics solutions, we see as very positive and gives us the right skills for our development and the focus of a Autostore on Styckegodsgatan in Gothenburg, " says Pontus Björkman, COO, Speed Logistics.

A warm welcome Nicklas to the Speed Group!

Pontus Björkman, COO Speed Logistics