Logistics can be complex - and simple.

Flexible solutions for complex logistical challenges.

Logistics is so much more than physically moving something from point A to point B. It is more about the knowledge to plan, lead, and implement different flows of materials as quickly, effectively, and sustainably as possible. This is often in connection to flows of resources- and information. If we break that down to the what we specialise in, that includes incoming deliveries, quality and environment, warehousing and inventory management, outbound deliveries, and production-related services, but also customer services end economics.

Warehouse space or a complete logistics solution? Your choice.

With over 200.000 square meters of warehousing space, we know we can offer a safe and modern warehouse space. Our offer stands out in the flexibility surrounding it – fast integrations regardless of the system, the balance of volume fluctuations, delivery solutions, and profit-driving follow-ups.

Our offer can be summarized with a single word – flexibility. The reason is simple: our customers operate in markets signified by their fast pace and constant changes which require adaptation and customer-specific solutions at all stages. For this reason, this is the type of logistics solutions we offer. Regardless of if you want to store a few pallets or want us to fully become your 3PL-partner.

  • You can not fit everything – use us as an external warehouse
  • You do not have time – use us as a resource, either in your facility or ours

“Our customers operate in markets where quick, flexible, and customer-specific solutions are required at all stages.”

Jesper Andersson, CEO at Speed

Incoming deliveries

  • Planning incoming deliveries. We manage delivery notifications from your suppliers and book slots for carriers.
  • Shipment administration. We can book transports based on your shipping agreements and manage shipping invoices.
  • Transports. We can offer shipping on our own freight agreements.
  • Customs administration. We can take care of accounting and administration related to the import of goods from the EU or third countries. In addition, we manage the administration of bonded warehousing.
  • Container storage. We can store containers at our facilities, so you do not have to worry about expensive fees from the harbour.
  • Subcontractors’ warehousing. We can manage your subcontractors’ warehousing and make it as accessible to you as if it was your own (consignment stock).
  • Discrepancy report and analysis. We can register your subcontractors’ discrepancies and compile the analysis in reports.

Storaging and Warehousing.

  • Storage. All our warehouses are room temperature and 12 meters tall. We offer storage and pick from the shelf, a flow rack, Autostore, pallet, bulk, free stacking, and outdoor storage.
  • Receiving goods. The register delivered goods so that we know they have arrived. We perform quality- and quantity checks, register errors, and can relabel and re-pack when needed. After receiving and processing the goods, we make the goods available for sale or quarantine until you release the goods.
  • Stocking and restocking. After the goods have been received and released, we store the products in an initial warehouse space. If this location is a buffer, we handle restocking the picking location. Stocking and restocking are handled by truckdrivers in multicycles via a truck terminal. All of this to be as efficient as possible.
  • Picking. We release your order to be picked in picking waves. The picking is managed through picking routes, with a picking truck, cart, or through Autostore. We use a truck computer, scanners, or voice pickers to ensure a high standard of quality.
  • Packing. We pack your goods in accordance with instructions. If you need special packaging, we have our own carpentry. We have solutions for both package automation and manual packaging. We also have experience with special packaging solutions in the form of moisture-resistant packaging. In addition, we can offer favourable prices on packaging materials, and have kanban solutions with the supplier.
  • Unloading. We can temporarily store your products while waiting for shipping. We print out the required shipping documents and delivery notes and send the booking to the carrier. We also handle vehicle loading and specific position loading if required.
  • Cross-docking. We offer solutions where we consolidate pre-packaged products from the supplier with our pick and pack and ship as a delivery.
  • Handling returns. We handle your returns, whether from individuals or companies. After a quality control, we make the products available for sale. We can also handle scrapping or recycling of the products.
  • Campaign management. We manage your campaigns and, to promote efficiency and capacity, we ensure that the products in the campaign are available on temporary campaign markets.

Outgoing deliveries.

  • Delivery planning. We manage delivery notification to your customers and book slots for your carriers.
  • Transport administration. We can book transports from your freight agreement and check transport invoices.
  • Transports. We can offer shipping on our own freight agreements.
  • Pro-forma invoice and LC management. If necessary, we can issue pro-forma invoices and can offer administration of Letter of Credit via partners.
  • Customs administration. We can manage all accounting and administration surrounding the shipping of goods to the EU or third countries. We also handle the administration for shipping from bonded warehouses.

Production Services

  • Assembly. We perform an assembly based on customer-specific blueprints. We ensure the correct torque during assembly and perform “green light” testing and quality control.
  • Confectioning. We assemble kits and perform cable cutting and cable contacting.
  • Configuration and testing. We offer software loading and pre-configuration. We have ESD capacities.

We manage your customer service.

Outsource your customer service to us. We assume a customer service role for receiving orders, questions about order-status, and simpler product information.

We can be a part of your finance department.

With the support of Jeeves ERP, we offer financial services in the shape of customer invoicing and payment processing, matching and payment of supplier invoices, and administration of customer and supplier ledgers.

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