Your partner in retail & e-commerce logistics.

Our long experience in the book industry has made us into an effective and qualitative partner both in book distribution and e-commerce. We understand the importance of campaign management and handling returns. We have a solution which turns us into the elastic band which solves both big and small problems. In addition, we offer a customer service functionality which increases you customers’ satisfaction.

Industry-specific logistics solutions for retail and e-commerce.

Speed’s acquisition of Samdistribution AB from Bonnier in 2018 is the foundation of our logistical solutions for retail. Our experience and competence in this area dates back to the 1960s. Today, 50 percent of all fiction novels are shipped from Speed’s facilities. That is over 20 million books every year! The great changes the book industry has undergone in the last few decades have made us into an effective and qualitative partner both in book distribution and e-commerce. Now, we are offering that competence to customers in other retail segments.

Through collaboration with publisher, bookstores, and e-commerce, we have developed an effective and qualitative solution for retail logistics that is fully integrated. With a starting point in our modern, 30 000m2 Rosersberg warehouse, we offer picking, packaging, and consolidated shipments to Nordic customers. With Astro as a WMS and iCore as our integration engine, we guarantee efficiency, transparency, and quality in all your workflows. As experts on retail, we also understand the importance of campaign management and fast and efficient return management. But we take it one step further. Our customer service functionality is constantly working towards satisfied customers. In addition, we can send invoices to your customers, ensure that you are paid, and manage your customer and supplier receivables. With Speed as your partner, you gain an expert in retail logistics.

We become the flexibility of your staffing.

Through our staffing operations, we can solve your highs and lows. Look at us as the elastic band which solves problems as your need for personnel changes. The problematics surrounding varying needs is always increasing, especially as e-commerce grows. The different needs for staff can vary over months or even weeks. The solution is our trained employees who return to you when the need arises. We offer exactly the skills you need, either through staffing or recruiting. Training is a third option, as we further foster the skills which may already be present in your organisation.

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