From warehouse space to total responsibility

Our Offer

Flexibility is the keyword for our warehouses. We offer 200,000 m2 of modern and secure facilities, with solutions for system-independent fast integration, balancing of volume fluctuations, smart distribution, and revenue-driving follow-ups.

Our clients operate in markets that require fast, changing, adaptive and unique customer solutions at all levels.

Using our Enterprise Service Bus solution, we can work securely within the client’s computer system, monitoring data not only for the physical product, but throughout the entire logistics chain. We also include strategic and operational follow-up. This means our clients will always be in control of what happens and can plan ahead. We also offer services such as customs handling, forwarding, assembly, repackaging, order handling, return management, and bonded warehousing.  


Speed Logistics is ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified.

Our Services

3PL – third-party logistics

We deliver accuracy in quality and security, as well as competence in sequencing, batch flows, light assembly and VMI.

We ensure cost efficient logistics for our clients by offering alarm class 3 and security class 2 with proper standard processes, expert volume variation management in large flows, and efficient deviation analysis.

We customize solutions according to our clients’ specific needs, and know that some delivery times are better than others. Theft-preventing security, surveillance and data tracking is an integral part of our entire logistics flow.

Book distribution
We offer total solutions for storage and distribution of books and related articles to both corporate and private customers. The basic processes include delivery, warehousing, picking and packing, as well as distribution of freight and freight management. We also provide services such as customer service, complaint handling and billing.

Storing materials at a construction site can be expensive and exposes it to risk of damage. We optimize delivery times, so the materials arrive when you need them. We include theft-preventing security, surveillance and data tracking throughout the logistics chain.


We help you with everything from contracts to transport coordination. As an independent partner, we find the method that best meets your requirements.


Our clients benefit from our experience and competence. We simplify the process, offering industry-specific customs services, such as bonded warehouses, customs clearance, and transits.

Our logistic properties

We have six strategically located terminals in Borås, Gothenburg and Stockholm, with a total area of 200,000 m². Addresses to our logistic properties on our contact page.