Cutting-edge expertise in electronics manufacturing

Quality, proximity, and flexibility are important parameters when businesses decide to manufacture in Sweden. All these three parameters are a natural part of what we deliver. We share our cutting-edge expertise in electronics manufacturing based on our clients' requirements.

Building a partnership with our clients, based on transparency in calculations and pricing, is the fourth important parameter. Openness and trust form the base of all great partnerships. The calculations we make with our clients are equally important, ensuring that we get the right component to the right price from the supplier and that we share consensus with our client about the manufacturing process. 

Openness permeates the daily work dialogue too. Technician to technician and operator to operator, we minimize the risk of mistakes, regardless if we are on the way from blueprint to a controlled product, creating a single prototype or a large series of PCBs. When we train our staff, for example in soldering (IPC 1-3), we also offer this training externally. Furthermore, we have founded the Production Academy, a two-week introductory education in electronics manufacturing.

Balancing market fluctuations

Flexibility is at the heart of our offer. We can work based on the client’s processes or our own. We can manage just the production, or take care of procurement too. We can assemble and educate personnel quickly, using Speed's staffing. In case we experience manufacturing downtime for a client, we do our utmost to shift staff around to other production lines, safeguarding our own and the clients’ attained competence. We do everything we can to ensure long-term flexibility and delivery on time.


Our staff are certified in accordance with IPC-A-610 class 1-3 and IPC-7711/7721.