Our educations

We offer educations within most fields. Our instructors are highly competent and have extensive experience in their fields. We offer standard educations as well as educations tailored to specific needs.

Soldering educations

IPC-A-610 certification and recertification. Acceptance requirements for PCBs.

Acceptance requirements and criteria for components and soldering for PCBs. 

IPC7711/7721 certification and recertification. PCB rework, modification and repair.

Different acceptable procedures for repairs and rework of PCBs.

Inspection educations

Inspection of PCBs. Correctly interpret standards, criteria, components and PCBs.

Basic ESD educations

Understanding ESD (Electro Static Discharge), protective measures against static electricity. 

Customized soldering educations

Theoretical and practical electronics educations customized by request and according to production type.

Educations are led by certified instructors.