Our services

Prototype and mass production

We prefer to join the process at an early stage. This way, we can look through the design and product manufacturing options in cooperation with the client. We can manufacture by hand or in automated processes – all depending on needs and order type. The most typical procedure is that we produce 4–8 units in a prototype phase, followed by a pre-series, and then the final series, ensuring optimal production with maximum quality.

Procurement and materials management

We adapt to the client’s needs and wishes, no matter if the materials are bound for small or large batches. We can either handle the entire process from sourcing suppliers to contracts and ordering, or leave sourcing, price negotiation, and contracts to the client.

Manufacturing technology and industrialization assistance

Through our experience and expertise, the clients often involve us in judging product designs or optimizing a shape for production. Changes to shape and design can make production and assembly more cost efficient, but we also consider other parameters.


We offer the same expertise and precision in hand soldering, prototype lines with single cards, or large-volume surface assembly using our Siemens high-speed lines.

Cable production

We produce the cable the client requires – cutting, assembly, swapping plugs or cabling production.

Mechanical assembly

We have a broad scope, ranging from assembly of mechanics-in-mechanics to mechanics-in-electronics and cabling. We have extensive experience with precision mechanics.

Troubleshooting and repairs

We always provide a warranty covering what we manufacture. We also handle external repairs, in the unlikely event that something goes wrong after delivery. We can also repair electronics produced externally. We include troubleshooting, analysis, repair and final testing.