Speed group logisik

Warehouse and logistics

Everything from warehouse space to total responsibility

Flexibility is the keyword for our warehouses. We offer 100,000m2 of modern and secure facilities, with solutions for system-independent fast integration, balancing of volume fluctuations, smart distribution, and revenue-driving follow-ups.

Our clients operate in markets that require fast, changing, adaptive and unique customer solutions at all levels.

Using our Enterprise Service Bus solution, we can work securely within the client’s computer system, monitoring data not only for the physical product, but throughout the entire logistics chain. We also include strategic and operational follow-up. This means our clients will always be in control of what happens and can plan ahead. We also offer services such as customs handling, forwarding, assembly, repackaging, order handling, return management, and bonded warehousing.  


Speed Logistics is ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certified.