Speed reduces its climate footprint faster than planned.

Publicerat: 31 January 2022

In 2021, Speed reduced its climate impact by as much as 40% compared to the previous year and the company is ahead of plan when it comes to achieving a climate-neutral business. Sustainability is one of the most important challenges in our society today and an issue that is a top priority at Speed. With the goal of being completely CO2 neutral by 2025, a tough action plan has been drawn up.

“In times of alarming reports stating the environmental efforts are too slow and emissions are not decreasing at the required pace, we are particularly proud to have exceeded our annual goal towards climate-neutral operations,” says Mats Johnson, CEO of Speed.

A contributing factor to reduced emissions is that Speed has decommissioned energy-inefficient facilities and optimised storage areas in the remainder. Emissions from diesel and petrol have also decreased as the company’s car fleet switches to being electric. In 2021, the largest solar cell plant in the Nordic region was also installed on the roof of one of Speed’s facilities in Borås, an investment that has not yet had full effect as it was made operational in October.

   “The environmental issue is the most central issue for our entire existence and we in the business community have a very great responsibility to ensure that we conduct our operations in a sustainable way. Despite our good figures for 2021, we will in no way sit back and be satisfied. Although we cannot expect the same results this year, we will continue to work unabated, to do our part,” concludes Mats Johnson.

About Speed Group

Speed offers sustainable, flexible, and innovative solutions of complex logistics and personnel challanges. Sustainability permeates the entire business and the goal is to be CO2 neutral by 2025. Speed is headquartered in Borås with logistics centers in Borås, Gothenburg and Stockholm of total area of over 200,000 m2. The company has a turnover of just over SEK 1 billion and employs approximately 1.600 people.

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