Rekrytering av personal


Flexible staffing, accurate recruitment

In a rapidly changing market, it is important to balance your business efficiently. As our client, you can focus on your core business, while we make sure you always have the right staff and the most competent coworkers.

Prepared for a Changing Market

At Speed, we believe in long-term partnerships, where we grow with you as a client and manage your volume variations over time. This is the core of what we offer; to deliver the flexibility and balance you need in order to optimize your business – balancing staffing during peaks and low season? It does not have to be more complicated than that.

We focus on competence-development and sustainability, and are proud to be part of building the workforce of tomorrow. As our client, you will notice the pros of increasing staff with Speed personnel – you will have engaged, creative and competent co-workers that will make a difference every day.

Through our unique comprehensive offer, which also includes education, as well as logistics, we challenge the traditional and conventional ways of creating flexibility in our clients’ businesses. Would you like to know more? Call us, we are happy to tell you more.

Personal recruitment with quality

Accurate recruitment is all about three crucial parameters; experienced recruiters, a quality assured recruitment process and a big network. We have all three. With your ambitions, challenges and business goals as a starting point, we work professionally and personally to ensure that we find the best candidates.

We are always fully committed, and regard every recruitment as part of a continual partnership. In practice, this means we meet our clients often and take extra responsibility during the entire process. You can safely say that we do more than what it takes to ensure a successful recruitment. At Speed, we believe this is the foundation of a sustainable recruitment.  


Of course, we are an Almega authorized recruitment and staffing agency. We take this as a confirmation of our high standards of professionalism and quality, that in turn ensures the security for both our clients and candidates.