Services around staffing, recruiting, and training are in our DNA. We love finding the right man or woman for the right position. With a focus on manufacturing, logistics, and electronics, this had become somewhat of an artform we have perfected for decades and become experts on. Regardless of if it is for long- or short-term staffing or recruitment, we have tailored solutions for your business. Look at us as a problem solver during peaks in workloads, seasonal fluctuations, parental leave, sick leave, economical fluctuations, or holiday seasons. We can also offer different training programs which opens up new opportunities for you, as an employer, and your employees.

Staffing for flexibile operations.

We ensure that you always have the right staffing, both during peaks and during slower periods. We create balance in your operations.

We help you recruit the right person for the right position.

Recruiting is an important process where everything has to be just right. Because of our long experience with recruiting and staffing, we can ensure you that we will find the right match regardless of if you need recruiting, hiring, or evaluation.

Training for the competence to get the job done.

Knowledge gaps lower productivity and flexibility. In some cases, they can even entail a safety hazard. We are here to fill these gaps. With training programs in electronics, truck driving, and safety.

Do you want to know how we can help you with your staffing related challenges?

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