Our staffing solutions for the logistics industry are based on the complexity that logistics entail and are adapted to meet the varying demand for personnell, often from day to day. The basis for our offering is our own logistics operation, which is a guarantor of a qualitative and efficient staffing service.

Our own logistics enable us to, in a unique way, fend off peaks and lows in your operation. The solution is that our trained employees return to you when your need arises. We offer exactly the skills you need, either through staffing or recruitment. A third option is that, through our training activities we can build up the warehousing expertise that is lacking.

Skills for your entire company.

In order to find the right solution and get the best possible result, our work is based on three crucial factors; experienced recruiters, cutting-edge expertise in logistics and a vast network. With your company’s ambitions, challenges and business goals as a starting point, we find and attract the most suitable candidates.

Quality assured consultants.

Our staff is trained in Autostore, has logistics experience and is used to picking and packing as well as truck driving. Our experts in logistics validate our employees’ skills against your requirements.

Recurring personnell.

When our customers’ needs for personnell declines, we engage our staff in our own operation. Think of us as your elastic band, providing flexibilty, and a partner who makes it possible to avoid training new personnell when the need for staff varies, sometimes on a daily basis.


Our idea of staffing solutions is based on flexibility. We ensure that you always have the right staff, both competence-wise and numerically.


We provide staffing resources with the training you are asking for. Many of our customers combine this solution with letting us train their employees. At our facilities or yours.

Does your company need help with recruiting stars within logistics?

Are you in need of co-workers with logistics skills? Contact Mikael and he will help you find a solution.
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