Our staffing philosophy is based on flexibility. We ensure that you always have the right staff, both with regards to competence and amount. You get engaged, creative, and competent employees who make a difference every day. With our holistic approach, which also includes logistics solutions and training programs, we challenge conventions and the traditional staffing solutions of the industry.

The art of balancing.

We saw the need of businesses to balance their operations early. Not only during varying economic situations, but rather through the metamorphosis of the entire supply chain over the past decades. Then, everything was more diluted and equally distributed over all seasons. Now, fluctuations are intense, both from season to season and between certain industries. The peaks are higher, and the lows are lower. This sets entirely different, more flexible, demands on the organisation and employees of businesses. The solution we offer is reinforced staffing during peaks, and the right staffing during low seasons. Simply put, we help you find balance every day, every hour.

Recurring staff fosters peace of mind.

A unique advantage with our staffing service is the opportunity to have the same staff for the next time there is a need. And the next. You do not have to train new staff and thus save on both time and money. All the while, quality is constantly maintained at a high level. For many customers, the benefits become obvious when a sudden stop in production occurs, if not sooner. When our staff is not currently leased, they work at our own warehouse or develop their competence through our training programs.

Our temp-to-hire staffing haS what you need. Always.

When you hire staff from us, you can be sure that each employee has the required training. In addition to the daily learning, we systematically carry out in-house training courses and competence developing efforts in, for example, truck driving, production/soldering, leadership, and work environment. To ensure that each individual receives the training they need, the topic of competence development is part of the yearly meeting each employee has with their supervisor.

”Speed are fast, professional, and have a great understanding for what I, as a customer, need. I am very happy with our long partnership.”

Catarina Frisk, AB Ludvig Svensson

Sometimes, the solution is training.

We have staffing resources with the training you require. They can deliver what you need at high quality for both long- and short-term placements. Many of our customers combine this solution with letting us train their employees. Either at our facilities or yours. One example of such a situation is electronics, where we offer both theoretical and practical training. Naturally, the education plan is set in accordance with the customer.

We know exactly who you are looking for.

We often have a deep understanding of our customers’ operations as we collaborate with them in many ways. Therefore, we can easily see what type of competence or qualities they need. This makes both staffing and recruiting easier. Our network is vast and encompasses everything from workers in warehousing, logistics, production, and manufacturing to employees in economy, technology, marketing, sales, HR, and administration.

Use all of us.

The world is changing, and we are changing with it. However, our basic principle is the same as it was when the company was founded. We will offer a combination of services which simplifies our customers’ day-to-day in the most resource efficient way possible. If we were an orchestra, our instrument would be warehousing, logistics, staffing, recruiting, and training. Each sounds good on its own, but together they sound amazing. What we are trying to say is that the instruments can be used separately, but work best when combined. Only then, the real magic can happen which most often results in new business opportunities for our customers. If that does not sound like sweet music to your ears, then what does?

We solve YOUR STAFFING PUzzlE so you can focus on yourself.

We are experts at solving time-consuming puzzles. Our customers’ organisational puzzles, to be specific. We make sure that everything is running smoothly, no matter what happens in the world, we make sure that all pieces fall into place so you can devote your time and energy to what you do best. To create a deeper understanding, we have set up teams focused on specific companies or industries, for example electronics. You decide if we staff your production and logistics in your facilities or ours. Regardless, we solve new puzzles every day and love it.

Diversity and openness comes natural for us as an employer.

We know that a healthy and motivating workplace, marked by diversity and openness, is the best way to achieve goals and maintain and attract great employees. As a keystone of this, we have a diversity- and equality policy in which we clearly describe how we will act and think as we build the Speed of the future.

Authorised staffing company – for your peace of mind.

Naturally, we are authorised through Almega – both as a recruiting- and staffing company. This is reassuring both for you as a customer and for our candidates. Quality and environment are important for us at Speed, therefore, we work in accordance to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and are certified according to the following certificates.

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