Sustainable staffing - what we promise.

Sustainable staffing – a quality label for safe and secure staffing.

We have marked the parts of our operations that are a little extra sustainable with the label Sustainable Staffing. It is an eco-label that guarantees that you get a staffing solution that lives up to high standards, with the best for people and the environment in mind.

We evaluate that the requirements are complied with annually and that the requirement levels are high enough. We like to challenge ourselves. The label guarantees at the very least the levels of requirements described below.

In line with the 1.5 degrees target

Operations annually reduce at least 6.7% of their greenhouse gas emissions in Scope 1-2-3, in line with the 1.5 degrees target. The remaining parts are fully compensated.

More people to work.

We work hard to create opportunities for employment and self-sufficiency for people who, for various reasons, face greater challenges in finding a job.

Sustainable workwear.

An environmentally sustainable garment is one that is used for a long time while maintaining quality. Therefore, quality and reuse are important to us. We repair broken clothes as much as possible. At least 25% of the coarser clothes that our consultants use should be reused. As soon as there are alternatives, we will switch to workwear made from organic cotton and recycled fibers.

Sustainable passenger transportations.

Our company cars are powered by electricity. We also do our utmost to encourage our employees to commute sustainably by carpooling, public transport or cycling.

We work against discrimination.

We work actively to counteract discrimination when we recruit – everyone has the same chance and assessments are made solely based on competence and suitability. Employees working with us, can be sure that we have zero tolerance for discrimination.

We help young people get through school.

We not only educate our employees, but also support activities that help children and young people who struggles to finish school. Securing tomorrow’s generations is sustainability for us.