We fill knowledge gaps.

Training for a higher output.

We offer a variety of trainings and educations that can be tailored to your company. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we can make a customer specific setup to fit your needs. One of our specialties is tailor-made business training. Many see this as a quality assurance for their staff.

What sets us apart is that we can not only develop and refine your employees’ skills, but also develop new skills. We have full control over the entire process and the needs of our customers. If there are knowledge gaps, we will be there to close them. With great speed.

Electronic assembling / Soldering.

In today’s labour market, it is easy to see that the skills electronic assemblers possess are in shortage. One good option is to let us train your existing employees. Our training programs in electronis production and soldering provide the knowledge and practical experience required to be able to work in production with, among other things, soldering and inspection according to the IPC-A610 standard.

Truck driver training.

Driving a truck is not as easy as you would think. For this reason we offer several training courses to suit your company’s needs. The trainings, which are mandatory for anyone who professionally uses a truck, teach the basic knowledge and skills for handling a truck in different situations and under different conditions. Everything is done with safety in focus, in oder to create a safer working environment. Of course, our courses follow the guidelines of TLP-10.

Certificates & permissions.

It is easy to forget about renewing IPC certificates and soldering permissions. Make it a habit to review them regularly so that they do not expire. With a little planning, you avoid stress and save both time and money. Please contact us to get notified of when they expire.

First Aid.

Our CPR-training grants the knowledge and skills to help someone who falls suddenly ill or is injured. As an employer, you have to endure that the workplace environment is safe – a defibrillator and CPR-trained employees can be the difference between life and death.


It is the employer’s responsibility to cultivate a safe workplace environment and work towards ensuring that no one falls ill or is injured because of their work. Our training programs increase risk awareness and fosters possibilities for a safe work environment.

As a customer, you control the setup.

The starting point is always your and your employees’ training needs. Your conditions and needs guide the set-up of the training. Together, we set the framework for a training plan in sync with your business. The courses we offer are led by professional and inspiring teachers who make it easy and pleasurable to embrace the new knowledge. Either on your site or ours. Of course, our trainers are updated on the requirements, laws, and regulations that apply in each area of education.

We focus on the individual.

We always focus on the pedagogical during our courses. The individual is at the center and we adjust the education to fit everyone’s needs and learning pace. We know that each individual has different prior knowledge and a different learning pace. We take this into account and everyone gets the help and time they need throughout their training.

Do you want to talk about training, schedule a course or discuss a customised competence improvement plan?

Schedule your training by sending an email to education@speedgroup.se. Do you have any questions, please contact Merja Niskanen,, resonsible for our trainings. Would you like to discuss a tailored program, please contact Martin Bolin.