We offer a wide range of safety trainings. If you have other requirements or wishes, we tailor training entirely based on your needs.

Hot working conditions.

Insurance companies require that property owners who are going to perform work in hot conditions – themselves or by contractors – must have undergone training in Hot Working Conditions. The training includes welding, soldering, cutting, drying, heating, and other tasks that can cause heat or spark formation. We offer a full-day training in “Heta arbeten” in cooperation with an approved trainer and instructor. The training is designed according to the Swedish Fire Protection Association and follows the regulations set for “Heta arbeten”.

Travers training.

The Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regulation AFS:2006:6 states that an education in traverses is a requirement for those who use one in their work. The purpose and goal of this one-day course in traverses is for participants to gain documented practical and theoretical knowledge in the safe use of the equipment (this is an excerpt from section 29 of afs: 2006:6). Participants will gain knowledge of the requirements of SS-ISO 9926-1.

Mobile work platform and lift.

This one-day training in Mobile work platform and lift is aimed at participants who need to be able to operate a mobile work platform (category A) or a skylift (category B) safely, in accordance with the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s regulations. The participants will gain knowledge of the requirements that apply according to SS-ISO 18878:2004, 18893:2004 and the Swedish lift learning plan LLP. The aim and purpose of the course is for the participants to be able to carry out their work with efficiency but, above all, reduce the risk of injury to people and equipment.

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