With focus on sustainability.

Sustainable operations, a must for the future.

Sustainability is one of today’s most important challenges. To us, it is an issue we are very serious about and that encompasses our operations. Regardless of whether it concerns environmental, social, or economical sustainability.

Today, both employees and customers have demands regarding our environmental responsibilities. We believe this is a good thing and enjoy being challenged. We take these demands very seriously and it spurs our work towards being an attractive employer and reliable partner for our customers. We are also not afraid of, in turn, setting expectations for our suppliers. We want to be a driving force for positive change in our community. We have to solve the climate issue together, and every part of the chain is important!

Green logistics.

We make it easier to be an environmentally conscious customer. Our warehouses, which have been given the sustainability label “Green Warehousing”, hold the highest environmental standard in warehousing and logistics. For your sake!

sustainable staffing.

The “Sustainable Staffing” label is for high-demand staffing and recruiting. For your sake. Then you know the conditions are fair – to people and the environment.

An active and driving force.

By contributing to sustainable development, we create a better business result and increased value for our stakeholder. We are simultaneously a trustworthy partner to our customers, an attractive employer to our personnel, a customer who sets expectations to our suppliers, and a responsible portfolio company to our owners. With this as a foundation, we want to be an active and driving force for positive change in our community.

An inclusive corporate culture.

We believe that a successful sustainability effort must come from a good business ethic and strong values. Our ambition is to build an inclusive culture with focus on leadership, increased equality and diversity, and opportunities to develop skills. An environment where people dare and want to engage in sustainability efforts at all levels.

Our three focus areas.

In order to better structure our sustainability efforts in the three main pillers of Economy, Society, and Environment, we have concentrated our focus on: Responsible business, Environmental- & Climate Impact, and Employees & Community. Each focus area is connected to one of the three dimensions of sustainable development; the economical, the environmental, and the social. For each focus area, we have developed a number of essential issues to work with and we measure these regularly to see how we improve.

Focus area: ResPonsible business.

Our goal is to conduct a business that is economically profitable whilst not resulting in negative consequences for social- or environmental sustainability, where discipline and compliance are top priorities. Essential issues we measure and follow up on to live up to a responsible business:

  • Good business ethics.
    We will continue to be a responsible company with transparency and good business ethics as focus. Our business ethics and behaviour are a natural part of our Code of Conduct.
  • Compliance with policies.
    We will ensure that our policies are known and easily accessible to our employees and that our customers and suppliers know what we stand for. Our quality philosophy is reflected in our policies, certifications, and authorisations, which form a framework for responsible operations.

Focus area: Environmental- and climate impact.

Taking responsibility for the environmental footprint we create as a company is a value of our customers expect us to deliver on. With our climate inventory 2020 as a base, we measure our progress and undertake activities to reduce our impact on global warming. The great environmental challenge of the logistics industry comes from transports and their negative impact on the climate. Moving forward, we will be more engaged and have a greater opportunity to influence our customers mode of transportation and fuel. For transports we buy, we have a dialogue with suppliers and follow up on the impact through our climate inventory. Important issues we measure and follow up on:

  • Reduced climate impact.
    From climate reporting, we gain insights that help us direct resources towards the activities that contribute the most to reducing our climate footprint. In addition, we produce renewable electricity via our solar cell plant, which is the largest roof-based installation in the Nordic region. It reduces our need of purchased energy and adds a renewable eletricity surplus to the grid. We will help to reduce global warming and ensure that it does not exeed 1.5 degrees. This means that by 2030 we will reduce our emissions by at least 50 percent.
  • Recycling and management of waste.
    We have a circular mindset about resources and are actively working to increase the proportion of waste that goes to recycling to minimize what goes to incineration and landfill. In addition, we host activities that promote reuse and waste minimisation – all to reduce the total amount of waste.
  • Energy consumption.
    We are gradually reducing our energy dependency by switching to more energy-efficient equipment. For example, we invest a lot in automation, more efficient battery operation of trucks, and lighting with lower energy consumption. We choose properties with as high perfomance from an energy perspective as possible which require as little energy for heating as possible.

“With an output of five million watts and an estimated annual production of four million kilowatt hours, our solar cell plant is the largest in the Nordic region.”

CO2 neutral 2025.

By improving in certain areas and investing in solar energy on our warehouse roofs, we have set the goal of being CO2 neutral by 2025. The nordic region’s largest roof installation of solar cells, which we have done at the warehouse in Borås, is a key action which contributes to us achieving our goal. In full operation, the plant produces an output of 5 megawatts.

We support WWF and Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

As part of our contribution to sustainable development, we have chosen to support World Wildlife Fund – WWF. They run hundreds of projects worldwide to protect the most endangered and unique species and habitats on our planet. To achieve these goals, they work both at a political level and in the field, and in close cooperation with locals around the world. We also support Sweden’s largest environmental organisation, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation – Naturskyddsföreningen. Since 1909, they have been involved in influencing most major decisions on environmental issues, such as environmental legislation. When the association turned one hundred years old, they were able to count 243 large and small areas around Sweden that were protected and saved thanks to efforts by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.

Focus area: EMPLOYEES and community

For us, social sustainability means that we work hard to be and be seen as a stable and attractive employer which cares for their employees. The goal is to create a physically and psychosocially sound and fostering workplace for all employees where we minimise and prevent the risk of work-related injuries and work-related illness. We focus on creating transparency, engagement, and involvement throughout the organisation. This is primarily done through increased information and a closer dialogue with our employees.

Social sustainability also extends beyond our walls, therefore we take our responsibility and contribute in whichever way we can to the community we operate in. We work to help the most vulnerable in society and support organisations who promote the equal value of all people. We also believe that we have a responsibility to give back to the community and world around us, which we do through sponsoring and engaging with important community initiatives focused on health, education, and climate. Important issues we measure and follow up on:

  • Safe and good working environment.
    We ensure a safe workplace and a good psychosocial work environment with a low rate of sick leave for all employees.
  • Increased diversity and equality.
    We promote an inclusive working climate and work actively to promote diversity, equality, and equal treatment throughout the business.
  • Continuous leadership and competence development.
    In order to be competitive and retain competence within the company, we work continuously to motivate and develop our employees to meet tomorrow’s needs and requirements.

“Our ambition is to build an inclusive corporate culture focusing on leadership, increased gender equality, and diversity…”

Mats Johnson, CEO Speed

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