Certificats & Permits. For your safety.

To ensure your confidence as both a customer and an employee in us as a partner and employer, we have a range of certifications and permits. Some are mandatory, while others are obtained simply because we care a little extra. These documents confirm the quality work we conduct at every level and ensure the safety of our operations.


Our logistics and warehousing are certified and licensed in several areas.

Staffing & Recruiting.

Our recruitment and staffing operations are certified as well.

  • ISO 9001:2015 and 14001. Contact person at Speed: Anneli Egman.
  • Almega Authorized Staffing- & Recruitment company. Contact person at Speed: Anneli Egman.


When it comes to our training and educational operations, we are certified in a number of areas and hold the required permits.

  • IPC-A-610, IPC7711/7721. Contact person at Speed: Merja Niskanen.
  • ISO 9001:2015, 14001. Contact person at Speed: Anneli Egman.
  • Forklift instructor/trainer. Contact person at Speed: Martin Bolin.

Code of Conduct, Quality & Environmental Policy

Speed Code of Conduct (pdf) (SWE)

Speed Quality policy (pdf) (SWE)

Speed Environmental Policy (pdf) (SWE)

Speed has certifications & permits so you can feel safe.

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