We proudly present: Speed Sustainability Report.

No one can do everything. But everyone can do something.

Speed’s Sustainability Report 2021 is a publication we are proud of. It describes the commitment we have and the investments we make for sustainability matters.


2021 meant strong growth for Speed and now
we are happy to note that 2022 was even better,
turnover as well as profit. Our customers place
more and more trust in us, which we are very
grateful for and proud of.

During 2022, our work with sustainability has taken big steps forward and winning the ”Great Sustainability Award” was a fantastic proof that we are on the right track. Throughout the year, we have had our new solar cell plant in Borås in operation, which has generated 3,006,156 kWh of 100% renewable electricity for both ourselves and our neighborhood by supplying our electricity production surplus to the electricity grid. Our plan to be CO2 -neutral in our logistics and staffing operations in 2025 appear to be feasible. As a result of material shortages and delays in supply chains, we have not been able to fulfill our plans to procure solar cell installations for our operations in Gothenburg and Stockholm, but we will be able to complete these in 2023.

Our long-term strategic work to broaden our customer base has yielded good results in 2022, where we welcomed around thirty new customers in several different industries.

Acquisitions are an important part of our long-term plan and during the autumn, Scandi Terminal AB, a well-managed company in Stenungsund in the field of bulk logistics, was acquired. With this acquisitions, we both broadened our range of services and gained a greater geographic presence in Sweden. The

company is well ahead in terms of its sustainability work and has already installed solar cells with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions. We look forward to Scandi Terminal’s future development within Speed.

During the year, we have replaced all pool cars with pure electric cars, which feels very positive. In addition, all permanent employees have been offered preferential bicycles with the aim of promoting cycling before driving. These are two initiatives that will contribute to us reaching CO2 neutrality by 2025 at the latest.

The work to increase digitization within the group has progressed according to plan and is also an important component in reducing our climate footprint. For example, we have trial tested an AI robot that conducts a digital first interview linked to our huge influx of job applications, where everyone gets the opportunity for an interview.

Unfortunately, we suffered a serious IT attack during the autumn, hich caused major problems in our operations. Through fantastic work by our staff, IT consultants, IT suppliers and our customers, we were able to mimimize the problems. Already after a couple of weeks, the entire operation was up and running and subsequently had minimal impact on our customers’ flows. I would like to extend a big thank you to all concerned for these extraordinary efforts.

With a fantastic 2022 behind us, we are stronger than ever and confidently look forward to upcoming challenges in 2023!

Jesper Andersson, CEO Speed