We want to do the right thing.

As an employee of Speed, you have an important role to play. If you suspect something that violates the ethical guidelines, you should sound the alarm. It gives us an opportunity to prevent and correct if something has gone wrong. If you want to read more about our ethical guidelines, they are described in our Code of Conduct.

First of all, we encourage you to talk to your boss. If you do not want to be open about your identity, we offer a secure channel for anonymous reporting and dialogue. A service managed by the external party WhistleB. We recommend that you report from a device that is not affiliated with our internal network.

For more information:

WhistleB is a global provider of whistleblowing services. They help customers like us at Speed to create safer and more transparent work environments. The service we offer our employees ensures the whistleblower’s anonymity in communication with the employer. The service is completely seperated from the employer’s IT systems and web services. IP addresses or other data that can be associated with the whistleblower are not saved. It is therefore not possible for anyone to track down an anonymous whistleblower. All reports are heavily encrypted and can be decrypted only by designated individuals. WhistleB also cannot decrypt and read reports

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